Clockwork Letters

Free and fine and young and us

Is love all I can say? For all

The time we spent like clockwork

Clicking years away, then those

Days of sun and rain, like spirals

We could meld together, lives

Bleeding one to one like

Ink on dampened paper. Such promises

Wove among our lips, and locks

To secrecy, and questions drifting

In my mind, much less secretly.

And words and thoughts and feelings true

(These were all I spun with you) but

Could mind’s glass window possibly miss

The soft curves all around me? Your

Gentle speech and warmth of word

Soft as speech’s flower, your

Feminine sun like light of summer

And colors so bold as spring, each

April shower, drops of beauty,

Tears run down my cheek, for

Not one storm of yours could blossom

The warmth of May with me.

Meekly swallow my dreamy photographs,

Hide my thoughtful moth-blink glance

For now my mind alone will chance

My only dance with you.


Photo: Skitterphoto

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