Beware the Thaw

If I walked through the snow without leaving footprints

If the trees froze forever in crystalline branches

If the blizzards endured with their billowing snow

If the glaciers weren’t melting away


If the Earth were bound to her blanket of snow

Like I am to my bed when I wake,

If the snow were as light as my sleep is these days

If the daybreaks were icy forever


I woke up today and remembered my dream,

Not the first night that your image has joined me

I grasped for the walls too lost to be found

And drifted away until evening.


If my fingers turned blue and surrendered their grasp

If the snowflakes held shape once they dotted your hair

If the frozen Earth refused to thaw

If the ice were still dry to the touch


I walked outside to freeze my mind

Reclaim the numbness that shields me

But when I exhaled, my breath was so warm

There could have been fire inside me.


Photo: Pixabay

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