Sea glass

The cold midnight wind was no match

For the glass in the palms of our hands

That reflected the moon and would-be stars

If not for our light-tainted land.

Raising hot papers for one sweet kiss

And a deep breath worthy of drowning

As I broke the sea-surface of my dulling life

And my deep, blue world as I knew it.

The flames crawled down my throat like ants

Burning out a hollow path

Lungs subject to fiery mind-wrath

As I tried to sort out my heart.

Leaving lightness of our hearts to take over —

Not over, never over when earth spins round

Round my spinning, fluttering head

All this time you stayed in bed

And in the night my eyes grew brighter

Like the stars that still refused to show

Though they colored my under-life sea.



Image credits: Flickr

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