There are two kinds of showers:

the kind to cleanse physical grime and

the kind to cleanse emotional grime.

Emotional grime needs to soak.

You stand there, letting the liquid warmth run

over your shoulders, pouring onto and across

your skin like melting wax, as you wait

for the burning heat in your chest to find

a hole to drain out through. You stand there,

as though in a daze, waiting for your

swimming, swirling, murky thoughts to settle,

pleading for some sort of mental drano

to come and unclog your brain. You just wait.

Emotional grime needs to soak; it takes

patience for that congealed outer layer to melt

so the gunk can be washed away. It’s a

mindless waste of resources that your burning grime

detracts from, but the most disgusting fact of it all

is that your only choice is to wait.



Photo: Max Pixel

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